Green Coffee

Mighty Peace Coffee is a social impact coffee importer that provides roasters with the best green coffee from Congo, ethnically nurtured by cooperatives using sustainable practices. We do so while sharing the stories of Congo’s epic coffee, dedicated farmers and transformative local leadership.

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As a leader in ‘Seed-to-Table’ specialty beans, we never take our eyes off your beans. We work intimately with cooperatives in the DRC to bring Congolese beans to roasters and importers worldwide - Everyone up on the Mighty Peace Train!


Floral, vanilla, white chocolate

Congolese landscape  with river


 Fruity lemon, orange and black chocolate aroma

Women working at a coffee cooperative in Congo


Strawberries, and red apple with intense acidity

Congolese landscape  with river


Cinnamon, hint of chocolate and caramel

Women working at a coffee cooperative in Congo


Grapefruit, floral and spicy

Congolese landscape  with river

Mighty Peace Building Process 

(How We Work With You!) 


Connect with 

a MPC Peace Builder 

(no brokers, 

just fully integrated)

2 people drinking coffee


Get related, 

sharing stories and visions 

(this is not about coffee, 

it's about People and the Planet)

2 smiling people surrounded by coffee bags


Identify the path to peace, 

an ideal inaugural Peace Trade

(share your logo, we have a surprise 

for you!)

People working with coffee cherries in Congo


Support farmers in Congo 

by onboarding your first 

Peace Trade coffee

People working in a Congolese coffee cooperative

Direct Peace Building In-Action

Our Director of Operations, Jennifer, will oversee your entire delivery process; ensuring ease and professionalism, with extreme attention to detail 💬

Step 1:

Peace Train Ticket

You will receive your ticket aboard the Peace Train (confirming all details of your first delivery)

Step 2: 

Follow up

Jennifer will be in direct communication with you the day of delivery; with follow up within the week to learn of your first roast (we all care, from Congo to the USA)

Step 3: 

Multimedia content

Mighty Peace Coffee will send multimedia content for social media and eblast with your logo on each clip! Spread the word, peace and solidarity is real!

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