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Mighty Peace Coffee is a social impact coffee importer that provides roasters with the best green coffee from Congo, ethnically nurtured by cooperatives using sustainable practices. We do so while sharing the stories of Congo’s epic coffee, dedicated farmers and transformative local leadership.


From Seed-to-Table

Mighty Peace Coffee delivers the highest quality single origin succulent beans from the heart of the Congolese peace movement. Our clean well-balanced coffees impress with a wide range of unique flavor profiles: Idjwi’s hints of cocoa and hazelnut, Umoja’s perfectly ripened fruity tones, and many more. 

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We are a next generation impact enterprise working directly with coffee producers in the Democratic Republic of Congo (Congo) to carefully transport pristine green beans to our warehouses and roasters.

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Your purchase directly stimulates economic activity, raising the living standards of hardworking farmers, while ending the cycle of conflict and injustice.

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Learn more about the return of the Congelese coffee industry and how this positive change is directly contributing to peace in the region. 

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