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Mighty Peace Coffee is a social impact coffee importer that provides roasters with the best green coffee from Congo, ethnically nurtured by cooperatives using sustainable practices. We do so while sharing the stories of Congo’s epic coffee, dedicated farmers and transformative local leadership.

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Mighty Peace Coffee works with multiple cooperatives in Congo to produce the custom lots below.

Our approach is to understand the challenges and opportunities each cooperative faces, provide support and other resources to improve the coffee's quality and the quality of life of producers: workshops, agronomy training, research, supplies and more.

We're in the fields and and in the communities year-round building relationships and trust with coffee producers and cooperatives.

The lack of widespread market access and understanding of what roasters need has held back cooperatives in the past, but through our presence in America and in Congo, we are building a bridge.

Through that bridge, trust and communication will improve and mutually beneficial matchmaking between producers, lots and roasters will take place.

Read below to get to know the people and communities that produce our custom lots.


Floral, vanilla, white chocolate

Congolese landscape  with river


 Fruity lemon, orange and black chocolate aroma

Women working at a coffee cooperative in Congo


Strawberries, and red apple with intense acidity

Congolese landscape  with river


Cinnamon, hint of chocolate and caramel

Women working at a coffee cooperative in Congo


Grapefruit, floral and spicy

Congolese landscape  with river


Raspberry juice, strawberry pop tart, lemon

Congolese landscape  with river


Cherry, chocolate, caramel, Harrar-like

Congolese landscape  with river


Plum, dark chocolate, lemon

Congolese landscape  with river

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