Peace Trade

Join us as we make the transition from resource wars to sustainable mighty peace and a legacy we can be proud of. 

Congolese landscape

The return of the Congolese 

coffee industry

Conflict has plagued the DRC for decades. Intense competition for control over mining areas led to the proliferation of armed rebel groups in the 90s. In recent years, the Congolese-led international peace movement to end the mineral conflicts has led to a shift: local economies are slowly transitioning from conflict, returning to ethical and sustainable business practices. The DRC'S rich tradition of specialty coffee has been preserved and is now becoming the industry’s best kept ‘secret’.

Peace Trade 

Fair Trade Organic 2.0

Congolese farmers are full of vibrant optimism and hope for change. Your individual contributions will positively impact the lives of children, women, and men whom are dreaming of independence, freedom, and peace. Your purchase of Mighty Peace Coffee directly stimulates economic activity, raising the living standards of hardworking farmers, while ending the cycle of poverty, conflict, and injustice.

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The Three Pillars of the Peace Trade

Our values drive ethical practices and uphold the three pillars of the Peace Trade. Cooperative Farmed, Local Ownership, Forward Narrative; we commit to shift attitudes and approaches to business in the DRC, and around the world.

Highest labor standards 

and fair-trade 




organic certifications

Partnering with Local, National, International Agencies and the United Nations 

Meet Coffee Cooperatives 

Community Leaders

Dignified farmer - Ms. Katambara  Pendeza Apoline

Ms. Katambara 

Pendeza Apoline

As a result of our work together, she is able to send her children to school to study and she has been able to build a strong stable house for her and her family to live. She is part of a strong vibrant community of farmers whose collective action provides economic and financial stability for a better life for her, her family and community.

Dignified farmer - Ms Victorina Kanane

Ms. Victorina 


Victorina built a house, purchases clothes for her family, and feels secure in knowing that she now doesn’t need to travel to find a client. Travel places her at risk of attack. Victorina is now able to pay for her children’s school fees, she enjoys being able to work in shared fields and begin to buy her own fields.

Mr. Amani

Meet Amani, one of the farmers who grows Peace Trade coffee for Mighty Peace Coffee. He is in the Lutunda group and takes pride in growing exceptional specialty coffee. Growing coffee enables Amani to have reliable income to provide for the needs of his household including: his children’s school fees, health care and clothing. The growth of the Peace Trade improves road conditions which helps at the coffee collection points.