In a galaxy far far away, earth pre-pandemic, all the way back in 2018, 6 humanitarian coffee lovers declared Mighty Peace for the people and planet. With nothing but an idea for a new kind of coffee enterprise, Linda, Jim, JD, Liza, Seba and Makenzie launched Mighty Peace Coffee.

All eyes are on your beans as they make their way from Goma, North Kivu, Democratic Republic of Congo to Continental Terminals NJ. But this is not only about the coffee, the Peace Trade is about people and the planet. Relationships are Queen!

Vivien, one of our strongest partners, recently suffered a catastrophe - his family’s house burned to the ground. We provided cash and resources to help Vivien and his family get back on their feet. Here is Vivien a few months ago:

In America we are grateful to call more and more of you, America’s great coffee companies, our partners in peace. We’re close to working with close to 90 great coffee organizations, early adopters, across 25 states. Kurt Hans was an early adopter, and Ampersand, Boulder CO has been with us in peace since Day 1. More recently, I Have a Bean have on boarded Mighty Peace Coffee. Pete Lenard, Owner, I Have A Bean, was gracious enough to spend hours over many months getting to know each of us, our approach to coffee, and explored the ways our coffee can sing. Relationships matter - and just this month Pete launched his first Congo breaking every sales record in company history. Greatness comes when we are human first.